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5 Best Photo Locations Sydney

It's well documented that Sydney is a popular destination for photographers from all around the world.

While Australia's largest city has provided the backdrop for many iconic images over the years, finding where the best locations to shoot photos from can be a time consuming exercise.

To get Australian Photography readers started, Sydney-based tour photographer Alfonso Calero has given the lowdown on some of his favourite locations to shoot the city. Also scroll down for a video timelapse of an amazing storm over Sydney Harbour.

Happy shooting!

Hickson Road, Barangaroo is best photographed at sunset on one of the sandstone blocks jutting out from the park bank.

Dawes Point, Hickson Road, The Rocks. Image produced from a composite of several images. The storm timelapse below was a lucky capture as it went on to produce hail stones the size of golf balls!

Hornby lighthouse is a great location at dusk if you are lucky to experience interesting weather. It can be a spectacular spot to shoot using a lens in the 14-24mm lens range.

Observatory Hill in The Rocks is another favourite at night. I like to light paint in the Port Jackson Fig trees with the Harbour Bridge in the background. Shot using a light to highlight foreground using 30 second exposure at F11 @ ISO 200.

International Boat Terminal Observatory deck,CampbellCove is a great location if there are no ships docked.Here you can enjoy a 180 degree view of the bridge, opera house and the city.

Milsons Point at sunset. Here you'll find a 15-24 mm lens is needed to take in the full view. Don't forget to fix any lens distortion in post.

Macquarie Point in the city can be a serene spot when the sun just hits the bridge and Opera House at dawn.

Alfonso Calero graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Photography in 2001 and has been professionally photographing fine art, food, portraits, landscapes and travel subjects ever since. He is the owner of a travel education and tours company that delivers workshops every Saturday morning in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle. One on one or small group sessions are also available. He also takes groups to Japan, Philippines, Spain and Tasmania once a year for 5, 10 photography workshops.

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