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Brisbane 5 Best Photo Locations

Nikky Elizabeth has been working for me as one of our star tutor/photographers in Brisbane for many years. Here are some of her images and her favourite photo locations.

Wilsons Outlook Bowen Terrace at sunset

Photo By Nikky Elizabeth

There are a few popular spots along Bowen terrace where you can set your camera up and capture some spectacular Brisbane city landscapes. I wanted to choose a perspective where the buildings were centered in the composition, so I choose a spot at Wilsons outlook. Tilt the tripod so the bridge seems level and use a wide focal length 18mm or wider. The longer your exposures are the more the clouds will start to dance.

Right side of the Brisbane story bridge

Photo By Nikky Elizabeth

Just beside the Brisbane story bridge is a great close up perspective where the bridge has more dimension to it. Now I love using my tripod and I use it quiet a lot but sometimes I feel it restricts my creative side. This particular shot was ‘tripod-less’ and I just found what I could stabilize my camera with and just see what I could create. I used a 1 sec short exposure any longer and it would be blurry.

Brisbane Story Bridge

Photo By Nikky Elizabeth

At night the cars, lights and buildings create a vibrant energy on the story bridge. You can feel it when you walk along it, it’s such a buzz. Just by looking up and having a low angle you can create architectural abstract forms of the bridge. A tungsten white balance was used to create a bluish tone.

Kangaroo point at sunset

Photo By Nikky Elizabeth

At sunset you can capture the many colours of the sky and at dusk you can capture the golden glow of the buildings. The warmth tone of the sun at this time brings out the rich colours of the rock. Kangaroo point cliffs is a great location because you have this contrast of nature versus city life. Start with short exposures and as the light goes down your exposures become longer. Be patient and wait for the boats to come along.

Underneath the captain cook’s bridge

Photo By Nikky Elizabeth

Underneath the captain cook’s bridge is a good spot to get closer to the water. The night was clear so I shot this with f8 / 2 sec exposure. The short exposure captured the texture pattern of the river. Try long exposures for smooth looking water effect.

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